Erotic exam nurse story

Age: 28
Weight: 166
Height: 48
Size: 3
Most people seemed to be there alone, with at least two obvious couples, an attractive 20 something pair and one couple in their mid 60's.
His thumb lightly teases my hard nipple as he begins to grope it, enjoying the feeling of my breast in his hand. Her body jerked as fiery heat erupted inside her, making her thighs sweat and liquid bead up around her opening. The nurse pulls a small vial out of a side pocket. I was starting to genuinely enjoy this experience; my shame and embarrassment mixing with a desire to show off my lovely girlfriend. Neither nurse nor patient noticed this little accident, but I certainly did, as did the men sitting on either side of me.
A Prostate Exam with the Naughty Nurse. Home» Free I have to go, would you be alright if I let the nurse finish the exam? Want more EROTIC short stories?. Young blonde nurse gets fucked by her patient during an exam. Free Original Erotic Stories. tag Erotic CouplingsNurse Nurse Caitlin Gives a Physical.

Erotic exam nurse prostate story

Age: 34
Weight: 163
Height: 48
Size: 3
Now wearing only a white bra and matching panties, she neatly folds and hangs her slacks, giving us a nice long look at her in her underwear. The thought of all these men's' pricks stiffening as they watched my woman wave her bare fanny at them sent a new thrill through me. The only other occupant is another attractive young woman who looks almost asleep.
She frowns and again starts to doubt the propriety of this exam. I glanced over at his girlfriend and found her looking appreciatively at his naked buns. He dropped his head and blushed, looking a little shy. With a small sigh of resignation, she explained to me in detail Dr. This in itself would not be exceptional, except that it exposed, literally, the unconventional dress code Dr. Tristan moved his finger around the thin strip of material that concealed her wet crack and then plunged it down her fleshy groove, to the entrance to her love canal. However, the relationship soured when she tested his reflexes by smacking his nuts with one of those little hammers.
Sexy Nurses, Erotic stories, porn stories, free sex stories, erotic sex stories, XXX Stories, Free erotic stories, adult literature, erotic super short Erotic exam nurse story, best erotic stories, erotic fiction, kinky sex stories. It was the idea of his aunt Dorothy, a very forceful woman who insisted he have a complete physical. Alas, as he relied on her for a rather comfortable monthly allowance, he could hardly refuse. During the day, the miserable favorite nephew was subjected to stress tests, blood Erotic exam nurse story and every other type of torture that the medical professionals could drum up. The Nurse, who the other patients referred to Adult fun in lugano Twiggy, was much more like a Brunhilda. She was rough and she was tough and not at all like the angelic looking young woman emblazoned on their hospital brochure.
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