Hidden message in lyrics of hustler musik

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Its hard to really make out so no one can know if its really true or not unless wayne actually clears it up himself. We do not have any tags for Hustler Musik lyrics. Lil' Wayne It's Good lyrics.
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"Hustler Musik" is the second single from Lil Wayne's album Tha Carter II. Although popular it failed to live up on the Billboard chart to other singles put out . Lil' Wayne's song, Hustler Muzik (Is there a “z,” in it? I forget), has a hidden message in it if played backwards. It scares the shit out of me listening to music backwards, but I think alot of the lyrics here, is the result of individual.

Lil wayne Song Hustler Musik Backwards?

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Lil' Wayne - Hustler Muzik Backwards message??? Okay, listen to this. Apparently someone from the AllHipHop. I forgethas a hidden message in it if played backwards. This version is reversed and slowed down. The seconds are for the version that is reversed but not slowed. The ones in bold are the clearest.
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